Apr '15 4

Once In A Red Moon, In Our Backyard. Photo by Robert Rath from Robert's website.

This evening Robert and I went to Tungkillo, about an hour east of Adelaide, to watch and photograph the eclipse. I used an old eclipse image of Robert's for this post, but I know he'll have some sensational shots of tonight's lunar activity. Just not soon enough for me!

A lunatic proposition

The blood moon she rise, she rise...
...but how can I write about that lunar disk
high above a low horizon
being eclipsed, our shadow slowly covering her
over the greened-granite ground of Tungkillo?
I am reminded how
timing is and isn't everything,
how a break through the haze
may lead to a hope for understanding,
how the sky is 3D-clouded
just like my judgement
of the wisdom
of writing about
what writers and artists and photographers
have already witnessed
in true poetic justice.

Posted by Jennifer Liston

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