Apr '18 30
Today is the last day in the NaPoWriMo-write-and-post-a-poem-every-day project. Thank you for reading them and for your kind remarks and feedback.

Although it'll be nice to claw back a few hours in my day, I will miss the daily discipline of the rescue process and the strange little poems that result.

The 30 April rescuees are quite interesting and mostly 'dark'. Their 'narrative-heavy' nature is not surprising to me at all; the very act of being presented with a bundle of disordered words seems to demand that I construct a story with them.

Today, for the final rescue (for now), I decided to load up the constraint with yet another: write a haiku (three-line poem with five, seven and five syllables in each line respectively). This was somewhat inspired by my poet friend Mike's use of haikus to finish up his poem-stories (they're great; you can read them over here).

Today's cryptic rescuee squeezed out from pages 179 and 104 of The Devourers and Marie Tarnowska respectively, both by Annie Vivanti Chartres.

the words of a last toast insist that large fortune is laughter, love and nice wine

raise thy glass to life
death the cat and mouse farewell
my red shoe kicks straight

Posted by Jennifer Liston


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  1. Mike says:

    *Well done. An (inspiration) exhausting business. Great standard upheld by you throughout. If ever I suggest doing it again, hit me on the side of the head, hard.

  2. Jennifer Liston says:

    *Aw thanks for the nice remark, Mike, and yes it is a bit exhausting, isn't it?!

    Yet we turn up for more almost every year! And ditto, if I ever suggest doing it again, you have permission to glare at me & do your best Fr Mike impression & exorcise the hell out of that idea! xo

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