Apr '13 22
Today I was reading some poems by Jack Spicer. His 'Letter to Gary Bottone' captivated me.

So I replied using his vocabulary.

Letter to Jack Spicer

Dear Jack,

although I cannot see you either
I can still love you.
I have love enough for us both.
I remember when I walked
into my own dreadful, wonderful Bohemia.
I'm still navigating the hellish corridors,
eyes not yet open,
not yet despairing,
but I trust I will soon see windows into heaven
and expect to blast a few myself
through the rocks of hell.
I haven't yet paid
the price you paid
but I hope you're there,
all the same,
waiting for me
with open arms.
For now,
these poems will go on
and I will continue
to love you
by letter
from an alien world.


Posted by Jennifer Liston

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  1. russpoet says:

    *You are so interesting Jen! Your breadth of reading/influences astounds me - you constantly introduce me to new things. I've just spent a happy half hour learning about Jack Spicer & following interesting-looking links ("I wonder where that path goes...?")

  2. Louise Nicholas says:

    *I read poetry every morning before I get up. Today was your turn Ms Liston! What an inspiration you are Jen. I want to have a go at rescuing a poem - and maybe it will return the favourite and rescue me! X

  3. Louise says:

    *No IPad! I meant favour, not favourite!

  4. Jen says:

    *Aw that's great to hear Russ, and yes, following the links can really lead to a Wonderland!

  5. Jen says:

    *Ah Louise I knew what you meant! Thank you for your lovely words. You, wonderful poet, need no rescuing! xoxo

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