Apr '18 20
Trigger warning: personal/domestic violence

Today's rescued poem was difficult to pin down and it ended up going to a difficult place – hence the trigger warning. I have never been in this situation myself, but the poem wanted to go there anyway.

This poem called out from pages 42 and 85 of The Devourers and Marie Tarnowska respectively, both by Annie Vivanti Chartres.

the blight of yet another moment

with a child’s heart
and the hands of a mother
I face danger
singing aloud
like a poet adored
yet voiceless
my blood is a spoonful of soup
for your luncheon
eat, my love
eat my love, love
why don’t you
you are hungry again
so now you are beckoning me
now you are hammering your clenched fists
like a jealous boy
I have feared you for years
hammering your clenched fists
day in day out
hammering your clenched fists
to my head, my throat
singing aloud
I face you
the swinging danger

Posted by Jennifer Liston


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  1. J V Birch says:

    *These are brilliant Jen. They'd make a beautiful collection

  2. Mike Hopkins says:

    *I'm glad you haven't experienced it. It conjures up the darkness. Well done again.

  3. Jennifer Liston says:

    *Aah thanks so much, Julie. So good of you to say, xo

  4. Jennifer Liston says:

    *Thanks so much, Mike. Loved your world-away-from-TGC poem... xo

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