Apr '12 23
It's Rescue Tuesday! I rescued this week's piece from Captain Corelli's Mandolin by Louis de Bernières (p43) and Sons and Lovers by D H Lawrence (p107).


White-skinned daughter
simple embodiment of profound good
soul scattering naked comfort
like snowflakes in your presence
secretly swallows
your subversive blackberry words
from the black of fallen fruit
to the whiteness of snow
as wet as warm touch
beloved feels
healing faith
scar of peace.

Posted by Jennifer Liston

Apr '12 16
This week's rescued piece is from The true dynamics of life by Mike Robinson (p472) and The pleasure of finding things out by Richard P Feynman (p137).

The observed effect

Listen stillness figured
atomic healer
how arranged life then
human mass
spiritual machine
self-knowledge synthesised
principled pay-off seduces life forces
chemical copies
mysterious physics are forces exactly as I observe.
Violated hidden parasites
inspire silence.

Posted by Jennifer Liston

Apr '12 9
This week's rescued piece is from Notebooks 1970-2003 by Murray Bail (p272) and Mind Lines by L Michael Hall and Bobby G Bodenhamer (p75).

Lines o' the mind

Fingerprint painting meaning-maker
imprisoning metaphors
in small boxes
in hollow palaces;
command your queen
to initiate distinctions,
to understand magic signals,
liberate meaning
from difficult reality,
walls of limitations
determine casual grandeur:
smell your reframing choices
enrich your own box of magic.

Posted by Jennifer Liston

Apr '12 2
This week's rescued piece is from Reading in the Dark by Seamus Deane (p105) and Flying the Kite by John Button (p31). Enjoy!

Dark kite

Fifty of the fattest
clumped hands
petals of roses
on sacred rolling waves
in California.

An economy possessed.

Broken spirals
dashed arms
whirling in whitedown waters
clean cheeks
and fuck the flatter father
shocked the children.

Brothers, mothers, sobbing
a million marines marching
Jesus's sacred tabernacle
angrily stripped
in red cement.

In Australia
an array of undernourished millionaires

Posted by Jennifer Liston