Apr '15 19

Last Rays. Photo by Robert Rath from Robert's website.

I wrote today's poem on a most delightful drive back to Adelaide from Edithburgh on the Yorke Peninsula.

the long road north

through luminous trees
wintry western sun
strobes the long road
'look at the light!' you say
but a 'save our farmland, save our future' banner
and roofless, stone-skeleton'd cottages
remind me of famine and exodus
and how my own damn fury
flickers just below serene surfaces;
see, the high drama of clouds as light intensifies,
see, how shadows lengthen as the sun dips;
'look at the light!' you say
but all I recall
is how sarcasm rose, dripping gold
in a game, goading me
eroding my thin fabric
needling me with a pinprick point
hemming me in, the thread of
anger running around my edges
threatening to unravel:
but you always help me see light
wherever we're going,
(and sometimes we take the long way)
and even now, as it changes and surprises us
there is nothing new, just new to us

Posted by Jennifer Liston

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    *Thanks so much, Mike! :-)

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