Apr '13 28
This afternoon I dipped into a wonderful book called Secret Wisdom and read about Marsilio Ficino, who was known as the 'first Renaissance man'. Ficino was a key figure in the Italian Renaissance and the development of European philosophy. He revived the wisdom of ancient philosophers by translating key ancient Greek and Egyptian texts into Latin, making them relevant for his contemporaries and for us. He was also famous for his music and he believed that he had revived the actual music of Orpheus.

Drinking Kykeon in ancient Greece during initiation ceremonies induced a 'revelatory' state.

while dreaming of Orphic hymns
I turn towards the Choirmaster
release my soul
in harmony;
I hear
music of the spheres,
recognise intervals
from moon
to planets;
applied universal philosophy
yet eleusian mysteries
elude me;
I wish
for just one sip
of Kykeon brew...

Posted by Jennifer Liston

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