Nov '08 7
The anthology Poems in Perspex, Max Harris Poetry Award 2007, was launched at the SA Writers' Centre on Thursday 6 November 2008.

One of my poems, Egg, was featured in the collection, which is available from Lythrum Press.

Here it is.


I take an almond-brown egg from the fridge.
Hello, egg.
Into almost-boiling water you go.
There you are, bobbing and twisting.
No use trying to escape.
Off what free range did you spring?
I’m told not to put you all in one basket.
You, potential sunny-side-up-runny-yoked half-life.
What chicken will you not become?
Your chocolate siblings dispersed at easter
by commercially cute button-nosed bunnies.
All the eggs in my womb basket
already broken,
What boy or girl did they not become?
No sickly Hallmark verses marked that occasion.
An almond-brown man I know ate a raw egg daily.
He's 80.
Egg, your time is up.

© Jennifer Liston 2008

Posted by Jennifer Liston